Digital Double has been in business since 2004. We are located in Redmond, Washington just next to Seattle, Bellevue and Kirkland. We specialize in customized service (you dream up the ideas and we build them for you). So if you're sending out RFP's (Request for Proposals) be sure to include us in your mailing list. We'd love an opportunity to work with you. More info about us and how we work on the REQUEST link above. Scroll down to see some examples of our work. Learn more

GIANTS TO JEWELS 3d scanning & printing

When Art Horse approached us with the challenge of turning this hand-made three foot wooden sculpture into a three inch article of jewelry, the challenge was ripe for the taking. We took our optical laser-based 3D Scanner and expertise in 3d modeling and rapid-prototyping to scale down the data and produce 3D print-ready files. The 3D printed prototype in ABS plastic featured on the left was also done by us. Art Horse then took our data to Shapeways and reproduced it in metal (switch to slideshow mode to see more images).


Master craftsmen from Tool Couture produce some of the world's finest champagne sabers. Each of these individually crafted by hand exhibit beautiful and delicate curves. It was a pleasure to be asked to aid them in reverse engineer these hand-made masterpieces.

Through the aid of optical laser-based 3D scanning and our expertise in 3D modeling we delivered data ready for their upcoming prototyping needs. Learn more about Tool Couture here.

VOICE ACTING By Gary Schwartz

One of the many great talents Digital Double has had the pleasure to work with is comedian and actor Gary Schwartz. He is most known for being the voice behind a number of well known video game characters, including TF2's Demoman. Have a listen:


Phil Burkhardt contacted us three weeks prior to needing half of his right hand amputated due to a rare cancer. Despite this unfortunate turn of events, Phil decided to make the best of it by having us 3D scan his hand and using the 3D data to generate a mechanical prosthetic later on.

The hand, however, is a very difficult part of the body to scan so we needed to make a mold and scan a cast instead. These pictures show the excellent results we got. We'll be posting more images here as this project continues to unfold.

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Digital Double has years of experience producing state of the art digital doubles. Since 2004 we’ve been developing an extensive 3D library including people, vehicles and a number of organic and man-made objects. These animatable reproductions are built for pre-rendered, real-time and AR (Augmented Reality) applications.

Access to this exclusive library allows us to use its assets as a point of departure for your projects and get you the best possible results in the shortest amount of time.
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VEHICLES Modeling & 3D Scanning

Digital Double has leveraged its 3D scanning and retopology capabilities for years to gradually build a library of highly detailed digital doubles of vehicles. Models include exteriors, interiors and in some cases, actual engines. You can see some videos by clicking the "more here" button below to visit our YouTube channel.

The images you see to the left are all screenshots taken from a real-time environment. Learn more


Digital Double built its reputation as a quality provider of graphic art services, including concept art, illustration, web and icon design and logo design. Our expertise in digital art and illustration includes: children’s books, e-books, websites, corporate videos, pre-visualizations and pitches. Are you familiar with the DirectX9 logo? Yep, that's us. We can explore a variety of styles, ranging from photo-realism to cartoony and everything between. Click on the REQUEST button above for information about rates or to schedule a consultation.

2D ANIMATION By the very best!

Nothing can replace the artistry of traditional, hand-drawn animation, which is why Digital Double has partnered with acclaimed animator, Tony White for all of our client's 2D animation needs. Tony, a British Academy Award-winning director/animator has been responsible for over 200 TV commercials, two TV Specials, several short films and the acclaimed title sequence for “The Pink Panther Strikes Again” movie. Tony is also a best-selling author of several books on animation and likes to balance his time between production and teaching. His current short film production, “SIR STAN”, will take traditional 2D-animation to entirely new areas of expression - and hopefully provide apprenticeship opportunities for talented young students of animation, if the film can attract much-needed sponsorship."


Digital Double helped Seattle Repertory Theatre with their set production by scanning in a sculpted miniature and providing sliced 3D geometry to be used by a CNC machine.

Set photo courtesy of Chris Bennion.

KINECT TV & Motion Capture

Digital Double teamed up with Microsoft Game Studios to help produce animations and special effects for Kinect properties, including a 2-way TV experience for Sesame Street and National Geographic.

PANASONIC Augmented Reality 3D Prototype

Fortune-500 companies come to Digital Double for assistance in producing state of the art prototypes. Panasonic came to us for assistance producing an innovative 3D tabletop augmented-reality display. The application included real-time parallax technology using special eye-wear and Kinect detection.

We generated a number of art pieces that allowed them to simulate an Augmented 3D GPS navigational paradigm. This allowed users to virtually enter popular stores in downtown France and shop for brand-name retail products.

SUMO SUMMIT App Development

Digital Double creates Sumo Summit App! While we usually find ourselves busy developing games for other studios, Sumo Summit was squeezed in between projects. It's our first IP developed all in-house. This free iOS app explores a new visual art style and game design approach meant to relax the player, not stress them. Give it a try for free on the iOS app store while it's still in Alpha; it works on all iOS devices. Digital Double produced everything from scratch, including the code, engine, art and music.

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SHARK WEEK App of the Week

When Smashing Ideas came to us asking for assistance in producing a top of the line app for Discovery's Shark Week program, we knew we had a challenge ahead of us. Not only did we have to create digital doubles of dozens of sharks, but we also had to create anatomical diagrams for each, featuring muscle and organ layers.

The study of anatomy is one of the things we do for fun, so the challenge was ripe for the taking. Over the course of two months, we assembled a team of six artists and generated dozens of shark replicas. Soon after its release, Apple featured it as their App of the Week and it was praised by reviewers as a graphical accomplishment.


Wizards of the Coast approached Digital Double to help them explore 3D character development for use within their cinematic art production pipelines. We got to work closely with Wizard's concept artist to develop a 3D version of Elspeth, entirely from scratch.

While we prefer to leverage internal assets developed form our Digital Double library, it's not unusual for clients to want works that they can claim entirely as their own, including moral rights to the work; for unlimited future use. In such cases, we'll develop everything from scratch and assign all rights to the customer, including source files and documentation on how to operate them. This was the case for Wizards.

TOY FACTORY Via 3D Printing

In 2012, Digital Double became the first company to create a mass manufacturing facility powered entirely by 3D printing technology. Visit our online storefront above to buy some of our innovative and affordable 3D printed products designed for artists.

Digital Double has leveraged its experience with 3D printing to be the leading provider of 3D printing services in Washington state. Click on REQUEST above to find out about our rates or to schedule a consultation. For quick questions just message us via our SMS to chat enabled phone listed below.


Our raw 3D scan data has come a long way here at Digital Double. When Olympic hopeful Norris Frederick approached us interested in getting his digital double made, we took this as an opportunity to test out new scanning and fusing pipelines that render very clean raw scan topology and texture data that you could take into most 3D applications and use as a great starting point for your characters or digital sculptures.

Norris spent an hour with us at the studio and these images show the result.

3D SCANNING Laser / Optical

Digital Double is one of the only quality providers of optical/laser-based 3D scanning services in the Seattle area.

Recently we've applied new methods for fusing and creating watertight raw 3D scan data. Our data is incredibly smooth and realistic. We can also create animateable (edge looped) versions of the models ready for your production pipeline. We can generate the model, uv's and even convert the highly detailed point-cloud data into texture data for real-time optimization.


In 2010, Digital Double produced a work titled “Dancing With Light” in collaboration with Melissa Farrar (dancer & choreographer). The work was featured in the 2010 and 2011 Digital Art Festivals and broke new ground in the field of the performing arts.

In this piece we explored a blend of dance, motion capture and special effects to create an analog augmented reality experience for live audiences that required no glasses or displays.

We did all the motion capture in our studio in Redmond.


In 2008 Digital Double became the first company in the US to offer markerless motion capture services. The system is composed of fourteen StageView Fire-100 cameras enabling the capture of a performer in real-time. Frame rate captured ranges between 60-120 fps with real-time targeting onto an avatar of your choice. Our Redmond mocap studio is convenient to Seattle, Bellevue and Kirkland, within close proximity to numerous video game studios including Microsoft, Bungie, Valve, Nintendo, and others. Our system is perfectly suited for animations, video game prototypes, films and more. For rates visit our FAQ section.

ARMATURE NINE 3D Printed Product

Armature Nine is our toy factory flagship product produced entirely through 3D printing. Digital Double broke new ground when it became the first company to produce a 3D printed retail product sold en masse around the world (over 30 countries and counting).

425 Magazine described it by saying: “Digital Double, a Redmond company, has developed the drawing mannequin of the future.” Comic book artist Fletcher Horton had this to say:
"...this tool has truly been a life saver on most of my projects!"

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3D PRINTING Services Near Seattle

With over 28,000 3D printed parts made to date, Digital Double has quickly become the leading 3D printing service provider in the Seattle area.

With eleven FDM 3D printers we can create shapes using ABS and PLA plastic both of which are very strong and durable. Printer resolution can range between 15-400 microns per layer. To put that in perspective, 15 microns is less than half the thickness of a strand of hair. Prints can take anywhere between 8-48 hours or even longer to complete + shipping. Clients should expect a 4-14 day turn-around depending on current client workload and project complexity and scope. Click on the REQUESTS tab above for more info.


Local dentists come to Digital Double for our expertise in 3D scanning and 3D printing. Our highly accurate optical 3D scanning services combined with our high fidelity 3D prints may provide oral surgeons with the ability to carefully plan future implants and surgical procedures. By combining both technologies we might be able to produce customized oral surgical molds.

Oral surgeon Dr Roger Chin. approached Digital Double with interest in exploring these new methods to see if efficiency could be gained by switching to an optical scanning and 3D printing approach to oral surgery preparation. We'll have more to report on this on our facebook page here.

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Los Pistoleros is an animated short film that combines 3D, flash and hand painted textures to create a unique look never seen before in computer graphics.

Digital Double routinely leverages a combined one hundred+ years of experience in traditional and digital art to bring new aesthetics never seen before in entertainment graphics. Because of this, customers rely on our ability to match a specific look & feel for their projects. Click on REQUESTS to request a proposal for your project.

Modeling by Royal Winchester - Storyboards by Monte Michaelis


Classic Foundry approached Digital Double seeking assistance with a life size statue to be manufactured with a CNC machine. After we 3D scanned the artist's base clay sculpture, we took it into ZBrush and carefully integrated additional details based on the art direction provided by the artist. This mesh was then exported into a format they could read with their CNC machine, and voila, a large wooden statue emerged.

PHOTOS FOR ARTISTS Create Derivative Works!

Over the last ten years, Digital Double has produced an impressive library of photographs and devoted countless hours to sifting, sorting and tagging thousands of images.

Internally we have amassed close to 20,000 photographs and released close to 5,000 of these on our online storefront, and continue to release more as time permits. Unlike most royalty-free services, these images are meant for studios and artists to use as points of departure for their creations.

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RED'S WORLDApp Development

Award-winning and Grammy nominated musician Red Grammer has teamed up with us to help him produce his new App, Red's World. This innovative application will allow children to learn uplifting content while listening to what Parents Magazine calls “the best voice in children’s music". Digital Double will be producing the main characters for the app.

Here we are presented with the unique challenge of creating 3D characters for a 2D application. We'll have more to show here on our slideshow as months go by so check back for more updates on this...and exciting new case studies yet to be added.


Come back! We'll be populating our website with more projects we've worked on as clients allow us.